Advertisement Advertising way to increasing your company rank day by day. And step by step I will discussed all of our advertising section. Firstly we want to say that 12 sections have on our portal. Logo, banner, sidebar, blog, image, content, post, and comment.
Logo you can customize with your position with link. And here is free tool to change the color, effect and make and remake. Then banner also can change by using your own selected picture or image. And also change the color and editing the banner which is top of the site. And you can upload you company video on the banner section with unlimited duration. And if you have to upload more video on the banner section with different duration you can add the video.
Every post and content you can add with unlimited text and customizing it to put the right position. And also you can add sidebar for publish. Here is automated sidebar you can update it and publish it. If some your publication is not ok and need any correction on the post or content. You can edit the all post and content without changing the post or content.
Social network you can use from this portal and adding your social page and also customize by using the portal. Its so handy to use and also can provide the extra page for social network. Now you can think how many pages to provide for the social network believe me its unlimited. Your total social network will be touch your hank with a click.
… every section of panel or tools have free you can use those for your another place. Here is button to download with zip file and use your niche.